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Neural Computation Laboratory

Our lab is interested in understanding how the complex neural circuits of the brain gives rise to neural codes that are critical in neural computation and memory processing. Our current research interests are broadly divided into three main topics:

  • Neural circuit mechanisms underlying the emergence of neural codes that supports sensory information processing and neural computation
  • Neural circuit mechanisms supporting memory encoding, storage and recall and their applications to uncovering Alzheimer’s disease therapeutics
  • Neuroscience-inspired computational models of the brain for AI and neuromorphic robot applications

To achieve our aims, we combine experimental and theoretical approaches, realizing a true interdisciplinary research in our lab.

  • Experimental approaches: We use methodologies that can monitor activities at synapse, cellular and circuit levels, including whole-cell patch-clamp recording, in vivo multi-unit recording, in vivo calcium imaging and optogenetics
  • Theoretical approaches:  We construct neurophysiologically and anatomically realistic computational models of neurons, synapses and neural circuits, which can be applied in developing new algorithms for neuroscience-inspired AI and neuromorphic robots.

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